FAQ & Rules

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: My listing has no buy now or bidding option? A: Listings have to be a GBP value of a whole number.

Q: How does this work? A: As a buyer, you simply bid much like on any auction website, or buy the item instantly depending on the listing options. Try to pay a winning bid within 3 days, the seller will contact you about shipping information etc.


Q: How much is charged per listing? A: The amount charged per listing depends if there are any upgrades, there are two additional options to upgrade a listing, but a regular one will be free and only take 5% commission after a sale of the item.






  • When an auction is won, make sure to pay the auctioneer as soon as possible, keep it within 3 days if possible.

  • The seller will contact you in regards to shipping agreements/arangement.

  • Do not bid unless you are 100% sure you will want and pay for it.


  • List ONLY in whole numbers, or it will not appear.

  • When an item is paid for, make sure to contact them via their email asap for shipping agreements/arrangements.

  • Do not sell anything restricted for over the ages of 18.

  • Do not sell stolen items.

  • Do not duplicate listings.

  • Before listing items, make sure you have a Stripe account set up as that is the payment gateway we use.